Why the 4T’s of Best Bosses Matter to Engage Your Employees

When thinking of developing Best Bosses within organizations…it is imperative that we look at the dominant path for promoting to managerial roles. When we understand this pattern, we can unpack what shifts need to take place in the process and where those shifts must be.  

Check the Statistics

Gallup Reports: At least 70% of an employee’s engagement is tied directly to…you guessed it…their manager.  Because of this, it seems like organizations would make sure that the process for moving people into management is carefully crafted. However, that is not always the case.

Emplify CEO, Santiago Jaramillo, notes that employee engagement is directly connected to an increase in key performance indicators for organizations. These include profitability, productivity and customer ratings. If organizations know this, then why is it that 75% of voluntary resignations are tied directly to the manager?  

The 4 T’s

Organizations that consistently promote and develop the Best Bosses understand the 4 T’s of managerial excellence.  They are:

  1. Technical Abilities
  2. Tenure
  3. Talent
  4. Training

Imagine for a moment that each of these 4 T’s was a corner leg of a square table. Now, imagine that you only had two table legs. Could these two legs stay standing, supporting all of the table’s demands and expectations? Because of this, we would expect failure.

For many organizations, this is exactly what takes place when promoting individuals into managerial positions.  For instance, The Gallup Article: Why Great Managers Are So Rare, explains that 82% of the time organizations fail to choose the right candidate for the managerial role.  Drilling deeper, we must ask why most promotions to management roles take place? Most frequently, a manager is promoted to the role based on Technical Abilities and Tenure. 

This means they have incredible technical capacity, and time within the role. Although these are incredibly important pieces of the puzzle, they speak nothing about their new role…managing individuals and more importantly, engaging them.  

Don’t Overlook Talent

Talent in what it takes to manage people is often overlooked.  Best Bosses exhibit talent in individualizing, focusing on each person’s strengths, and rallying people around a cause. Technical Abilities and Tenure do not always capture these critical talents that a person may or may not possess. Additionally, managers are rarely trained on what it takes to do one of the most important functions of their job…engage their team.  Remember…engaged employees and teams consistently have much higher KPI scores than disengaged teams.  

So…how is talent being evaluated in your organization?  Is it strictly technical? How is managerial talent being evaluated?  Can this manager create alignment on a team? Clarity of expectations?  Identify talent in others? Work to create opportunities to align talent?  If these questions aren’t being factored in to deciding who ends up in managerial roles…perhaps they should be.  If you are wondering why your organization or team is not operating on the level you believe capable…this may be a great place to start.  

Set Up Managers for Success

Engagement rises and falls based on manager. It imperative that managers are set up for success.  It starts with understanding managerial talents and training those managers on what engagement is, why it matters, and how they are responsible for creating and sustaining its progress.  

If you think identifying managerial talent and training your managers on engagement is expensive…try the alternative, because, What is disengagement really costing your organization?

If you are ready to develop the best managers in your organization, and equip them with exactly what is needed to focus on strengths, cultivate and sustain employee engagement, enroll your managers in a Best Manager Academy.  The real question is: how can you afford not to send invest in a culture of best managers? For more information, visit https://www.bestmanageracademy.com/

Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and COO/CFO of 34 Strong Inc. Darren’s top five strengths are: Achiever, Arranger, Relator, Learner and Responsibility.