The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 7: The Skill of Inspiration

The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 7: The Skill of Inspiration

Welcome to The Leading Strong Podcast hosted by 34 Strong Co-Founders Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller. This episode aired on 09/16/20. You can listen to the Full Episode HERE.

In this week’s episode, hosts Brandon Miller and Darren Virassammy dive into the 4th of the 12 Manager Intelligence Skills – Inspiration. The Manager Intelligence Skills are the habits of what the best bosses do – it becomes the skills that they hone and developed as habits to created sustained teams of highly engaged employees.

As a manager, one of the most important roles that you fill is the source of inspiration for your team. The skill of inspiration is expressed in different forms for different people. We have the ability to uplift people through the skill of inspiration. We can inspire others through words we say, and by showing them how they have made a difference – this leads to significantly more productive workers.

The Highs and Lows of the Inspiration Skill

  • High: I take the time to motivate every member of my team through words, acts of service, and rewards. I connect their work outcomes to the bigger picture purpose.
  • Low: I struggle to motivate the members of my team. I think if a person cannot motivate themselves it is not my problem.

Key Questions

1. What are some of your recent successes? What are you most proud of?

2. Where do you feel the strongest in your role?

Book Recommendation of the Week

It’s the Manager – By Jim Clifton

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Stay Tuned for next week as we dive into the Management Intelligence Skill of Inclusive !