The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 3 – The 4 Styles of Management

The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 3 – The 4 Styles of Management

Welcome to The Leading Strong Podcast hosted by 34 Strong Co-Founders Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller. This episode aired on 08/19/20. You can listen to the Full Episode HERE.

In this week’s episode, hosts Brandon Miller and Darren Virassammy dive into the 4 Types of Management that we often encounter, and explain where you want to be as a Best Boss to leave others feeling valued for being valuable.

The 4 Types of Management

  1. Authoritarian – Command and Control
  2. Permissive – Non-directive and Unclear
  3. Uninvolved – No control or Boundaries
  4. Authoritative – Assertive and Invested (Strengths-Based Style)

We can jump back and forth between these styles in our lives, and may even have a tendency to over-correct. Our hosts explain how we can use these skills to evaluate ourselves to see where we fall within this matrix of Management, and create healthy habits as Managers.

BONUS: They dive into the single greatest trait that leaders possess, and how you can use it to become a Best Boss.

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Stay Tuned for next week as we dive into the Management Intelligence Skill of Individualize