The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 20: MI 6-8

The Leading Strong Podcast Episode 20: MI 6-8

Welcome to The Leading Strong Podcast hosted by 34 Strong Co-Founders Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller. This episode aired on 12/16/20. You can listen to the Full Episode HERE.

In this week’s episode, hosts Brandon Miller and Darren Virassammy recap Season 1 of the Leading Strong Podcast by discussing the Manager Intelligence Skills of Investment, Innovation, and Intentional.

The 6th Manager Intelligence Skill – Investment

Developing the skill to invest in team members will communicate value to your team and build trust leading to positive outcomes and a more harmonious workplace. This skill in demonstrated in leaders who will help you become the best version of yourself during the season you are working together, and who are unwilling to allow mediocrity to grow in an organization.

The 7th Manager Intelligence Skill – Innovative

Increasing this skill will allow you to pull forth the genius found within your team and provide you with the platform to credit team members for their brilliance. You will learn to challenge your team to think outside of the proverbial box and discover the members of your team who have keen minds for creative solutions. Problems will be solved and progress will be made!

The 8th Manager Intelligence Skill – Intentional

Intentional managers make sure each team member knows how their individual contribution benefits the organization’s mission and purpose. By growing your Intentional skill, you will see your team rise to the occasion and sustain their efforts!

Key Question

In the midst of working remote, how can you be more intentional in the ways that you communicate to others?


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