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The Strengths Whisperer

Brandon Miller + Darren Virassammy

Introducing The Strenghts Whisperer

Oct 7, 2022

2m 15s

We spend so much of our lives thinking about what’s wrong with us instead of recognizing what we do best. If we can play to those strengths, think of how powerful we could be. Think of how powerful businesses and organizations could be. The most common denominator of the most successful leaders is self-awareness. On this show, hosts Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller help leaders uncover and their superpowers by using the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Along the way you’ll learn how a strengths-based approach can transform businesses into engaged workplaces. This is The Strengths Whisperer, a show empowering leaders to create, build, and sustain great places to work.

The Power of Strengths-Based Leadership with Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller

Oct 26, 2022

37m 58s

Are you tapping into your unique talents and strengths to achieve excellence in your life and career?
Our hosts, Darren Virassammy and Brandon Miller, want to help organizations do that across their teams by learning their strengths and weaknesses. In this episode, Darren and Brandon interview each other about their journey with the CliftonStrengths assessment. As you listen, you’ll learn the origin story of the StrengthsFinder assessment, how it helps people understand how they work, and the ways a strengths-based approach can be used to make employee engagement skyrocket.