Networking Remote 2020 with Dov Baron, Darren Virassammy and Michelle Barnes – Hosted By Tony Grebmeier

How do you respond when your entire world just changed? Weeks ago, we weren’t even thinking about social distancing or practicing isolation. Now, how do we network? How do we grow our business? How do we stay connected? How can we be of service during this time? Join Tony Grebmeier and guests, Dov Baron, Michelle Barnes and Darren Virassammy, as they share their best practices and insights as you learn how to navigate the waters ahead!

Networking Remote 2020 is a discussion of business, networking, and community hosted by ShipOffers CEO Tony Grebmeier. Listen to a special series of panel discussions with the biggest names in e-comm and entrepreneurship designed to help you survive and thrive in today’s changing environment.