5 Mic Drop Moments from: Victor Wooten, Joseph McClendon III, Tony Grebmeier & Darren Virassammy on Networking Remote that you MUST SEE

Ready to unlock the power of your life?

5-Time Grammy Award Winning Bassist, Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck  and the Flecktones, Joseph McClendon III, Doctor of Neuropsychology and TONY ROBBINS business partner, and 34 Strong’s very own…Darren Virassammy, discuss how to unlock the power of your life by creating your future when they join host Tony Grebmeier for Episode 10 of Networking Remote 2020: A discussion of business, networking, and community.  

Hear this dynamic panel engage in a powerful dialogue about their industries and what’s working — and not working — for them in today’s changing environment. They discuss staying connected, and techniques for getting clear on your future vision during these times. Keep reading for our 5 Mic Drop Moments from this must-see event!

1. “Dare to dream while the rest of the world is having a nightmare” – Joseph Mcclendon III

“Dare to dream while the rest of the world is having a nightmare. We’re not only going to inherit and create the things that we want and the abundance that we want in our lives, but the greatest part about it is we are going to be the beacons of hope and possibility for the rest of the world, and the rest of the world needs it. The rest of world is having a nightmare.

And so my dad used to always say the best thing you can do for poor people is don’t be one of them. This is not just financially poor, it is emotionally and physically. Life is exactly what you dare to make it. Fortune favors the bold. This is your opportunity right now to boldly step up and dare to make your life magnificent. Ethically capitalize on this moment in time and invest in yourself.

2. “Treat life right. And life will treat you right. And it really is as simple or as difficult as that.” – Victor Wooten

“You want to do what you can do in your life every day as best as possible. I might wake up in the morning and thank everything. I make my bed so that I start every day with a success. Success becomes my habit. Because success is not something that’s coming in the future. Success is where I stand right now. If there is garbage on the floor and I pick it up, I’m in success. Treat life right and life will recognize your efforts. Life will say ‘This dude is trying to do some good so let me help him out.’ So treat life right and life will treat you right.

And the last thing I’ll leave you with is that my mom says ‘What does the world need with just another good musician?’ She said what the world needs are good people. And there’s a good person inside of everybody. Inside of everybody, not just some of you. You wouldn’t be born without that goodness in you. What are you going to do with it? It’s up to you.

3. “You can you can choose in this very moment, to live in your gratitude, or in your sh*t. But it is your choice.” – Tony Grebmeier

“When I wake up in the morning, I do something so simple. I just say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I stretch my arms, put my feet down and realize that I’m alive. I have a heartbeat. I can check my pulse. And so does everybody listening right now. You should be so blessed and thankful in this very moment that you do because you know it’s not too late.

Now you have an opportunity to do something with your life and yourself. I love the fact that you guys all talked about serving. I got out of bed with an idea today of contribution and connection. That’s why I’m here. God gave me a beautiful gift – he gave me a day none of us have seen before but we all are experiencing this day together. So that’s the blessing right now.”

4. “We can choose to either live a little more each day or die a little more each day.” – Darren Virassammy

“Every day, we do have that choice. And we’re correct either way, but that’s a choice you get to make every day single day when you put your feet on the ground. So be sure to ask how am I living today? Because that is going to focus your thoughts in prime.

Each of us has our own unique genius. There’s only one version of you that’s ever been created. There’s only one brain that you have, and it’s completely unique from everybody else’s. You have something of genius to offer this world and the world is starving for it.”

5. “History proves that mankind always marches on and always is victorious.” – Joseph McClendon III

“I’ve been learning in myself how to do what I call ethically capitalize on this pause in our momentum, and still being able to serve.

When this is over, and it will be, history proves that mankind always marches on and always is victorious. We’ve gone through things like this before. This too shall pass. And at the end of it, whether it’s a year from now or two years, we’re all going to look back. And we’re going to ask one or two questions.

What can I do back there in 2020 that I’m so proud of – so that I was able to help other people serve other people, help my family, help myself, so that I’m thriving now?

Or what do I wish I would have done?

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