Ladders Inc: The Happiest People Never Say These 5 Things to Themselves

Darren Virassammy was featured in an article written by Anouare Abdou for Ladders Inc! Darren shares the helpful practices you can immediately put to use today to create habits of happiness! Check it out below!

Happiness is an inside job. And it starts with the way you talk to yourself. “Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. Our self-talk is a primer for the state that we show up in when doing anything in our life and it’s how we work to grow each day,” says Darren Virassammy, host of the Leading Strong podcast and co-founder of 34 Strong, a consultancy that supports organizations in becoming amazing places to work.

“Anything ever created by humans started as a thought. On an individual level, happiness for us starts in the same place. Self-talk is those thoughts that guide future thoughts and direction…”