When working with 34 Strong public sector organizations see results such as:

Improved Engagement

Engagement from employees who are often disengaged

Strength Recognition

Everyone recognizing their strengths and the strengths of their team members

Team Working

Working better as a team and removing the silo effect

Build Ownership

A restored sense of clarity and ownership

Improved Performance

Improved performance and productivity

Reshape Culture

Reshaped cultural molds and increased program effectiveness

Stress Less

Less stress which creates a better work environment for their team

Service Legacy

A proud legacy of service

Build Trust

Restored trust, as employees and teams become more valuable and being valued


Let us help.

If you’re a leader who wants to bring positive transformation to your team and organization, we would love to partner with you to begin that process. We exist to build the world’s best workplaces. Your place of work can become one of them!

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Our Clients

With the California Employers Association providing Human Resources Solutions to over 9000 businesses Statewide, our partnership with 34 Strong, is aligned with our mission. We can better serve our employers through building strengths-based teams, and helping them to improve employee engagement, a critical issue in today’s dynamic work-environment.

by California Employers Association