BOSS Magazine: The Balance Issue

How companies treat their employees now will reveal whether they live up to the values they project externally to their customers. Do they practice what they preach? Are the leaders of the company displaying that attitude in leadership team meetings? Is that trickling down from managers to employees?

34 Strong COO Darren Virassammy sits with BOSS Magazine to discuss why caring about your employees and what they’re going through will spell success for your company! Scroll to Page 6 to begin!

Your employees have families. They have lives outside of work. These facts may have been more obvious during the last year, when you’ve seen inside their homes on video conferences—perhaps even with interruption from their kids or the family dog from time to time—but it’s always been true. Not only should you care about your employees’ personal lives because it’s the human thing to do, showing that compassion can pay countless dividends in the long-term success of the business. Darren Virassammy, COO of 34 Strong, shared with BOSS how to better connect with your employees as humans and why the companies that do so will find lasting benefits...