4 Behavior Patterns of Highly Engaged Employees

On the highway of employee engagement, the road is not very crowded.  Only 34% of the US workforce is engaged and 15% worldwide. This means that the engaged stand out.  At their core, “people want to be valued for being valuable” as Maureen Monte states in her dynamite book, Destination Unstoppable.  This engaged group has gotten to this point because they work with best bosses. They also possess 4 behavior patterns, so, what are they?

According to the Gallup Article What Engaged Employees Do Differently, there are 4 behavioral patterns of highly engaged employees:

  1. Resiliency: Despite challenges and barriers, the engaged don’t often let problems become an excuse for inaction or destroy their ability to perform.
  2. Intentional: They are intentional about their engagement. They have a plan and independently, proactively try to improve their engagement rather than expecting someone else to engage them.
  3. Accountability: They take accountability for their performance instead of blaming others when things don’t go as they want. 
  4. Strengths-Focused: They seek ways to operate at their best, which means they focus on their strengths and don’t spend too much time trying to do what is not natural for them.

Why Do These Behaviors Show Up?

While each employee does carry responsibility for their own engagement, Gallup actually finds that at least 70% of each employee’s engagement is directly related to their manager.  As such, these are the behaviors that employees would like to show up operating from. This plays into at our core longing: wanting to be valued for being valuable. Even in many disengaged employees, this want is actually still there.  That is exactly WHY many have disengaged…because they don’t see a path to ever be valued…as such, they disengage.  

In disengaged employees, these behaviors do not show up, because the environment is not right, even though the seeds are there.  If you plant the strongest coastal redwood tree seedlings in the middle of the sun-kissed Sahara Desert…the seeds will not grow. The seedlings have the potential for growth, but the environment must be right for that to happen.  

How Can Managers Create the Right Environment?

Thankfully with employee engagement, we can actually work to change the environment.  That change comes in the way of training managers to see employees through the lens of talent, and understand their key role in creating and sustaining engagement.  Managers need to be trained to be managers. They must understand the differences in how to individualize their approach to coach, develop, and engage team members. This is especially important seeing that, 75% of voluntary resignations are directly correlated to the manager,

There is a fundamental shift needed in equipping managers in one of their key roles that they have often not had training in: engaging their team members.  It is on the senior leadership to ensure that managers are trained and developed around one of their core responsibilities, which again is: engaging their team members!

So…what questions are your managers asking?  Are they creating engagement, or creating disengagement on their teams?  Are the training’s that you are providing managers actually helping the to create and sustain employee engagement? Can your organization afford the cost of not equipping your managers on this, knowing how expensive lost productivity, turnover, and decreasing customer engagement can be?   

If you are ready to develop the best managers in your organization, and equip them with exactly what is needed to focus on strengths, cultivate and sustain employee engagement, enroll your managers in a Best Manager Academy.  The real question is: how can you afford not to send invest in a culture of best managers? For more information, visit https://www.bestmanageracademy.com/

Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and COO/CFO of 34 Strong Inc. Darren’s top five strengths are: Achiever, Arranger, Relator, Learner and Responsibility.