Our 3-Phase Program to Become a Great Place to Work

When organizations invest in StrengthsFinder, their average return is impressive:

29% Increased Profit
38% Increased Productivity
50% Reduced Turnover

Highly Trained, Effective Managers
Highly Engaged, Motivated Employees
Human Development Made Simple

Our 3-Phase Program will help you architect a culture that will outlast you while making your stakeholders smile.


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Phase 1: Aligning Leadership and Management

Strengths Finder Assessment

Who: Leaders, Managers, and Staff.
What: Online Assessment.
Why: The StrengthsFinder tool increases self-awareness and enables effective communication among all staff.

Strong Leader Institute

Who: Senior Leaders.
What: Three-Day Workshop.
Why: Culture makes or breaks organizations. This course empowers Leaders to create cultures worthy of legacy.

Best Manager Academy

Who: Managers.
What: Two-Day Workshop.
Why: Your Managers control 70% of employee engagement. This course equips them with practical tools to coach and develop staff in line with the culture set by leadership.


Phase 2: Unleashing Your Team’s Strengths

Employee Engagement Survey

Who: All Staff.
What: Online Survey.
Why: Measuring Engagement illuminates your organization’s Strengths and growth opportunities, including the effectiveness of each manager.

Strengths & Engagement Ambassador Training

Who: Selected Candidates.
What: Three-Day Intensive Course.
Why: We will develop internal Strengths-Experts who can sustain the program indefinitely. This course will revitalize your process of advertising, recruiting, selecting, on boarding, developing, and promoting staff.

State of the Team

Who: Managers and All Staff.
What: Two-hour sessions for All Staff. Two coaching calls for Managers.
Why: We review the engagement survey results with staff, take their feedback, and help Managers a targeted action plan to improve. We may repeat this in Phase 3 to track progress.

Strengths Discovery Day

Who: All Staff.
What: Half or Full Day Workshop.
Introduce staff to the StrengthsFinder initiative to increase self-awareness, team building, and communication.

Coaching to Results

Who: Leaders, Managers, and Ambassadors.
What: Individual Coaching Sessions.
Why: Ongoing check-in calls ensure that everyone has the resources they need to make this program successful.


Phase 3: Ensuring Long Term Sustainability

Strengths Based Team Building Sessions

Who: Managers and their Teams.
What: Half Day Sessions.
Why: Gossip, drama, and cliques are likely one of the biggest drains on your productivity. These sessions build trust so team members can collaborate effectively.

Advanced Discovery Day

Who: All Staff.
What: Half or Full Day Sessions.
Why: Each participant will build a profile on “How to be a Good Co-Worker to Me.” This will facilitate healthy communication with colleagues and managers.

Coaching to Results

Who: Leaders and Ambassadors.
What: Individual Coaching Sessions.
Why: Ongoing coaching prepares your people to sustain this initiative long after 34 Strong leaves the picture.


Standard program is 3 years, but can be completed between 1-5 years depending on your needs. Individual deliverables will be tailored to your organizatoin and the needs of each group. Individual deliverables may be purchased a la carte.


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Congratulations! You’ve built a great place to work.

Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.

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