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Public sector managers and leaders face ever-growing challenges and are often undervalued. From increased diversity to constant shifting team dynamics, those who lead our public organizations need tools and methods that help them build better teams, identify emerging leaders, and create a great place to work.



Most of our private sector customers are mid-size or family owned corporations. Their leaders carry the burden of continuing a legacy of success and significance. Of staying relevant and creating great outcomes for those they serve. They understand the importance of attracting great talent and build well-performing teams.

We build great places to work!

34 Strong architects human development solutions for organizations who commit to becoming a “Great Place to Work.”

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I have experienced the leaders in this organization develop a broader awareness of themselves as leaders and how they can more effectively manage their own teams from their strengths. 34 Strong’s team has transformed our organization in a way that has lead to interdependence and far more coherence across the different departments and teams that comprise our organization. We are excited as 34 Strong’s team is starting to take strengths beyond our leadership team into our whole organization which is just under 100 team members. 34 Strong’s ability to serve our whole organization as a unit and the individuals that make it up has been exceptional.

by Jeff Ramos, General Manager, Consumnes Community Services District