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What is a Strengths-Based Organization?

A strengths-based organization shifts away from simply managing people to more effective, forward-thinking ways of developing them by leveraging their strengths.

We use the CliftonStrengths assessment as a tool to give people a common language and vocabulary to better communicate and understand each other.

Join The 28+ Million People Using Their CliftonStrengths to Enhance Their Performance

Everyone possesses a unique combination of 34 strengths.

Join us in discovering and using your own strengths!

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What clients say about our workshops.

I appreciate your commitment to DDI (The Division of Drug Information, FDA) over the past few years. We have seen DDI transform and improve as a result of understanding ourselves and understanding and appreciating each other through Strengths. The Leadership team training was a great opportunity for us to REALLY know our management team and understand how to lead from strengths, develop our staff around strengths and continue to hone our performance and techniques as a management team.

Captain Catherine Chew

Our organization is in the beginning stages of adopting a Strengths based culture which has been well received by all. The 34 Strong team provided one on one coaching, in addition to a full day retreat which has provided insight to individual strengths and an understanding of our collective strengths as a team.

I am pleased to see staffs’ response and willingness to embrace a strengths based approach, which will help us build a cohesive and high performing team. We are looking to incorporate future trainings with 34 Strong as we strive to function as an interdependent team.

Kate Smith

I’ve had my job for 14 years, I love what I do, and I plan to retire in 6 years. Although I was fascinated with Strengthsfinder, I really did not believe I could get much out of individual coaching. However, after the first session, I discovered that I WANTED more. I wanted to clarify who I was and how I relate to others. I begun to ask, what do I want to leave behind as my legacy? I realized how my talents played into that and why this was so critical for me. Through our homework and one-on-one sessions, I was able to re-organize how I work and who I would work with. I was able to coach my team more effectively knowing what my strengths were and my co-workers strengths. Since the individual sessions, I have accepted new projects knowing which strengths would help me achieve the best outcome … AND, which projects I would probably need the most help on and who would be best to help me. I would say That’s pretty impressive for someone who didn’t need coaching.

Sue Schoneman

As a Market Executive, developing our team around their talents is critical to our success. 34 Strong lead us through an exceptionally engaging workshop focused on team talent development. Utilizing Strengthsfinder as a platform, they took us far beyond merely identifying talent on our team. Through the vibrant learning environment they created, 34 Strong unleashed how we could aim and apply our talents toward results, as individuals, and jointly as a team. Their whole organization is extremely responsive to inquiries, and adaptive to change. They are genuinely interested in helping their clients however they can.

Ashil Abhat

With the California Employers Association providing Human Resources Solutions to over 9000 businesses Statewide, our partnership with 34 Strong, is aligned with our mission. We can better serve our employers through building strengths-based teams, and helping them to improve employee engagement, a critical issue in today’s dynamic work-environment.

California Employers Association

I have experienced the leaders in this organization develop a broader awareness of themselves as leaders and how they can more effectively manage their own teams from their strengths. 34 Strong’s team has transformed our organization in a way that has lead to interdependence and far more coherence across the different departments and teams that comprise our organization. We are excited as 34 Strong’s team is starting to take strengths beyond our leadership team into our whole organization which is just under 100 team members. 34 Strong’s ability to serve our whole organization as a unit and the individuals that make it up has been exceptional.

Jeff Ramos

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